Wacko: Rendell's new favorite word


He's a wacko, she's a wacko, we're a wacko, they're a wacko - wouldn't you like to be a wacko too?

If Gov. Rendell has any say, you'll have no trouble being bestowed with the distinction. In fact, wacko may just be the governor's favorite new word -- he must have used it at least a half dozen times at his press conference today.

It came up after Rendell was asked to elaborate on comments he made Wednesday at an event in Philadelphia, when he said that "wackos" are taking over the Republican Party in Congress.

The governor took it a step further. He said that while not ALL Republican candidates are "fruit loops," many in the party are "under the spell, under the control of a growing force of people who are absolutely bonkers."

"There are clearly elements of the Republican Party that are totally wacked out," the governor said. "People who want to get rid of the 14th amendment, who think the president is a Muslim, who think the president wasn't born in the United States ... these are people who are nuts."

Rendell did give Attorney General Tom Corbett, who is running for governor, and U.S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey -- both Republicans -- a pass. Generally speaking, Rendell said, he finds Toomey to be a reasonable guy. As for Corbett, Rendell said: "He hasn't done enough wacko things to be classified as a wacko."

You know who else is wacko, Rendell said? The head of a small church in Florida that plans to burn copies of the Quran on September 11.

"It is despicable, absolutely despicable," the governor said.

Rendell said he plans on standing with the Arab-American community in Philadelphia in front of Independence Hall on September 11 to show his solidarity and "reaffirm the basic tenets of American democracy," including respecting a person's right to practice their religion.

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