Voucher advocates target Corbett in radio ads

UPDATE: The pro-voucher forces are taking their message into voters' homes and right to Corbett's back door. They partially ringed the Governor's mansion on Front St. with several dozen signs urging support for the voucher bill and have launched a robocall campaign aimed at getting voters to contact their representatives. 

A conservative political action committee, which has launched negative ad campaigns against lawmakers who don't support school tuition vouchers - is now calling out their most powerful ally for not doing enough to advance their isssue. 

The PAC FreedomWorks says it is launching a radio ad campaign aimed at putting the heat on Gov. Corbett to approve a voucher bill this month, according to PoliticsPA, a political news website.

FreedomWorks says Corbett is failing to lead on the issue.

“He needs to spend the political capital to get a robust school choice bill done this session," spokesman Brendan Steinhauser told PoliticsPA. "We believe we have the votes if he will just lead and make calls and personal visits to House legislators."

The one-minute radio ad script reads:

Governor Corbett ran for office pledging to reform the failing education system in Pennsylvania. Yet the Governor and his allies in the Pennsylvania House continue to make excuses at the expense of thousands of Pennsylvania’s children. Despite spending over $13,000 per student per year, Pennsylvania’s schools continue to fail.

Children across the state remain trapped in failing schools, stuck there because of inaction of the Governor and other elected officials on both sides of the aisle. Enough is enough. Tell Governor Corbett and his friends in Harrisburg that you’re tired of the excuses and that the time for comprehensive education reform is now. Pennsylvania families can no longer sit by as politicians continued to ignore this growing problem. Tell Governor Corbett that school choice is the right choice and that time is running out.

Freedomworks also will target six key House districts with ads and ramp up lobbying in the Capitol this month.

The Senate passed a so-called "school choice" bill last fall that would provide taxpayer-funded vouchers to students to pay for private school, but there has been no movement on the bill since.

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