House leader Turzai opts out of Congressional run

It's the state House over the U.S. House for Mike Turzai.

The House Majority Leader from Allegheny County said today he decided not to run for U.S. Congress after all. 

"I've made a decision after talking to my family and colleagues to stay here as majority leader," said Turzai, a Republican. "It's exciting to be leader of the House.

That after House telling top Republican Party officials that he planned to run for the 12th District seat, one significantly reconfigured by the GOP-dominated Legislative Reapportionment Commission of which Turzai was a member.

But he told reporters today he was flattered that Gov. Corbett had asked him to run but that he had not made up his mind.

Turzai said his wife Lydia told him to consider the achievements he has made in his current job. "I plan to continue to focus on private secotr job creation and reducing the debt," he said.

The 12th District's new boundaries in southwestern Pennsylvania combine portions of districts currently represented by two Democratic incumbents, Mark Critz and Jason Altmire. Republican Keith Rothfus, a lawyer, also plans to run.

Turzai said he would support "whoever the Republican candidate is."




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