Toomey responds to PA Club for Growth founder's Specter nod

Earlier, Sen. Arlen Specter released a letter from William Parker, the founder of the Pennsyvlania chapter of the Club for Growth, in which the latter argued that conservative Pat Toomey could not win the general election. Toomey of course, was the CFG's champion in 2004 when he almost unseated Specter, and later became the president and CEO of the national organization.

"Arlen Specter will promote anyone who will mimic his talking points," Toomey spokesman Tim Kelly said in a statement. Referring to a recent Roll Call story, Kelly said that the decision of several former Specter supporters in the Pennsylvania congressional delegation proves "Specter has clearly overstayed his welcome with Pennsylvania voters."

Besides, the Toomey campaign said, having Specter there is like having a Democrat anyway.

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