Tom Corbett holds the lead in campaign cash....


With just six weeks left until the election, Attorney General Tom Corbett holds a sizable lead over his Democratic opponent when it comes to raising campaign cash.

Corbett raised just over $1 million over the last four months, compared to John Morganelli's $408,000. With campaign expenditures taken into account, the Attorney General has just under $1.8 million left to spend in the last six weeks, while Morganelli has $1 million in the bank.

The Attorney General's race is a closely-watched one this year, given Corbett's sweeping indictments in the state investigation known in Harrisburg simply as Bonusgate. The probe has centered on whether taxpayer time and resources were used for political campaigns - and so far, Corbett's office has charged 12 former and current House Democratic lawmakers and staffers.

Over the last few months, Morganelli has criticized Corbett's handling of the investigation, saying Corbett made a mistake by executing search warrants only for records from House Democrats, giving the legislature's three other caucuses the opportunity to destroy possible evidence of wrongdoing.

Morganelli has said Corbett also should have appointed an independent prosecutor to oversee the Bonusgate investigation to avoid any criticism that the probe was politically motivated. Some Democrats have complained that Corbett, a Republican, has singled out Democrats.

At the monthly press club luncheon Monday, Corbett said he will not bring a fresh round of indictments before the election - he said there is still too much work, and not enough time. Click here to read Mario Cattabiani's story in today's Inquirer on Corbett's reasoning:

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