The fair affair: Corbett's AG booth contains campaign material


Attorney General Tom Corbett promoted the good works of his office at a table at a fair in Bradford County last week. The only problem was, gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett was bring promoted too.

The incident created a buzz in the Capitol and in political circles as Democrats seized on the campaign blunder and Republicans scratched their heads over how such a thing occurred.

The photo, first published by the political Web Site PA2010, appears to show Corbett's campaign literature interspersed with materials for his office.

Capitol Ideas blog quotes Corbett's AG spokesman, Nils Frederiksen, as saying when agents arrived at the fair booth last Wednesday, they discovered the campaign materials mingled with official literature for the consumer protection unit. The materials were immediately removed, he said.

Frederiksen told Capitol Ideas said he didn't know who put the materials on the tables, which are staffed by full-time agents of the consumer protection office who are under orders not to mingle the political and the public




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