The hitchhiking former governor


So this is what happens to elected officials once they leave office.

Former Gov. Rendell, out of transportation options to make it on time to an early morning radio show in Philadelphia this morning, resorted to a long-lost art: standing on the curb, and sticking out his thumb.

Apparently, it worked too.

"Believe it or not, it is true," said Rendell's spokeswoman, Kirstin Snow.

The way Snow describes it: Rendell was scheduled to be an early morning guest on 94WIP SportsRadio today. His driver was unable to make it on time because the power went out in his home and his alarm went off.

The former governor tried calling his son, but couldn't rouse him. One listener reported that Rendell said he called for a cab, but was told it would be at least a half-hour wait (no exceptions, even for former governors). So he walked out of his East Falls home, and did what he did when he was in college: he stuck out his thumb. The man who picked him up and gave him a ride later called into WIP as well.

The onetime governor apparently still doesn't drive himself, and when he was leaving the governor's office in late 2010, joked that he hadn't been behind the wheel in so long that he wondered if he still could.

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