The case against Jane Orie, part II


Here we go again: state Sen. Jane Orie (R., Allegheny) is on trial once again for illegally using state resources for political campaigns.

Jury selection began this morning in Pittsburgh, with prospective jurors being questioned about their knowledge of the case, the Associated Press reports.

The esteemed wire also says: "Orie’s first trial ended in a mistrial almost a year ago when a judge determined a defense document was forged. County prosecutors have since filed additional charges stemming from the Republican lawmaker’s testimony and defense exhibits in that trial.

The senator’s case has been separated from that of a sister, Janine, who is accused of directing the lawmaker’s staff to do campaign work for her and a third sister, Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

Melvin is not charged. Janine Orie’s trial is months away." 

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