Specter to raise cash from Christian-insulting Mouth of the South


   Pennsylvania Republicans want Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter to cancel a fundraiser that CNN founder and noted loudmouth Ted Turner is scheduled to hold for him Sunday afternoon in Atlanta.
    They note infamous Turner statements mocking the Christian faith, equating the State of Israel to Palestinian suicide bombers, and nuzzling up to Fidel Castro.
     In 1990, for instance, Turner said in a speech that “Christianity is a religion for losers,” said the pope should “get with it” on sexual mores and called some of his employees “Jesus Freaks” for receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday.
      “Arlen Specter should be renouncing him, not joining him for a fundraiser,” state GOP chairman Rob Gleason said. “How can Sen. Specter claim to support religious tolerance when he is associating with such a despicable man.”
      The fundraiser will go on. “We will save Chairman Gleason a couple of bison burgers,” said Specter campaign manager Christopher Nicholas.
      Turner, of course, is famous for his reintroduction of bison to the West and for selling meat from the free-range animals in his chain of restaurants.
       GOP spokesman Michael Barley said everybody understands that Specter will do anything to hold onto his job, but raising money from a “bigot” is a “new low.”