Sestak Plays Navy Card in New Bio Spot


Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democrat running for Senate from Pennsylvania, leads with his dreadnought of a resume in a new biographical TV ad.

"Duty. Service," the ad begins, showing Sestak in the uniform of a Navy admiral, the rank he attained during a 31-year military career - on the deck of a carrier with sailors and aviators, making a point in a briefing, sailors saluting him. Sestak, the ad says, was "trusted to command 15,000 of our sons and daughters in combat." (USS George Washington battle group)

The ad also credits Sestak with "leading the fight against terrorism." Maybe not the whole struggle, but it is true that Sestak played an important leadership role, heading the Navy's anti-terrorism unit which, among other things, planned the Navy's strategy for asymmetrical warfare. Sestak also was director of defense policy on the National Security Council staff during the Clinton administration.

Take a look at the spot, by The Campaign Group, of Philadelphia: