Senate to advance new budget proposal

Call it Plan C?

With the House and Senate again at odds over how to resolve the budget crisis, Senate Republican leaders said today they plan to advance a new budget plan.

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R., Delaware) said he hopes to move a bipartisan plan designed to resolve the budget impass now dragging into its fourth month, but declined to release details pending a meeting with rank-and-file members this afternoon.

Pileggi did say the total amount of spending would be below the earlier agree upon amount of $27.9 billion.

The budget announcement came as Senate Republicans released a letter saying they didn’t plan to participate in the bipartisan conference committee meeting today that was called by House Democrats. Pileggi said he was "disappointed" in the conference committee process. The conference committee was formed to negotiate a budget agreement in public, but the representatives of the four caucuses have met only twice.



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