Sen. Stack in full campaign mode


State Sen. Mike Stack on Monday blasted Gov. Corbett for what he called "a stunning lack of leadership."

During a speech at the monthly Pennsylvania press club luncheon, Stack, who is running for lieutenant governor on the Democratic ticket alongside Tom Wolf, the party's gubernatorial candidate, accused Corbett of "mismanagement" and showing "a lack of vision" during his tenure as governor.

"Our differences are not personal," said Stack. "But in the realm of ideas, we couldn't differ more greatly."

Stack listed a litany of policy changes he and Wolf plan to push if elected. They include a graduated income tax to ease the burden on lower-income families and ending the so-called Delaware loophole, which allows businesses to avoid state taxes by registering in Delaware. He also said he wants a severance tax on natural gas drilling in the state, adding "it's baffling this hasn't been done already."

During the question and answer period, Stack said he plans to make his income tax return public, but added that "people would be underwhelmed."

Wolf's campaign earlier this year provided summary information for his 2010, 2011 and 2012 returns, as well as for his 2013 preliminary return.

-Gideon Bradshaw

*Gideon Bradshaw is an intern with the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association in Harrisburg.

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