Greenleaf: Not last in NH primary

"My goal isn't about moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. My goal is to enter ideas into the great debate," Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf said. (Sharon Gekoski-Kimmel / Staff Photographer)

PA state Sen. Stewart Greenleaf travelled to New Hampshire as a presidential candidate to tell voters he didn't want their vote.

Yet still he netted 22 votes...only 95,646 votes behind winner Mitt Romney. 

Hey, he beat out radical anti-abortion leader Randall Terry and the candidate named Vermin Supreme, who were among the record 30 GOP candidates who filed in the 2012 primary.

(It only takes $1,000 to get your name on the NH ballot.)

But suprisingly Greenleaf, who may not be a household name much beyond the Delaware River but with 33 years in the state legislature and a few Congressional runs is certainly a name brand in Pennsylvania, was bested by a lesser-known Philadelphian.

Bear Betlzer, a Philadelphia management consultant, ran on the  "I'm not that into politics” campaign platform. He ended the night with 29 votes. (Hattip Politics  PA)

Greenleaf, 72, of Bucks County, returns to his real job next Tuesday when the Senate session resumes.


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