Saidel wins best quote on health-care reform, PA division

OK, maybe Vice President Biden had the best health-care quote of the week. It's hard to top his excited "BFD," picked up by an open mic in the East Room of La Casa Blanca.

But Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Jonathan Saidel has to get props for his blast at Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett's joining of a lawsuit seeking to have the legislation declared unconstitutional.

"Nearly every constitutional law scholar in America from right to left agrees that a constitutional challenge to the health care bill is groundless, relying on discredited state nullification arguments that go back to the Civil War," Saidel said, in a statement emailed to 800,000 voters Tuesday. "If Tom Corbett wants to turn the clock back, let him do it in another state. Pennsylvania fought that battle in the 1860s and we have the monuments to fallen Union soldiers to prove it."