Results of latest gov's race poll touches off Twitter tussle


The latest gubernatorial poll showing Gov. Corbett had made no dent in the losing spread against challenger Tom Wolf touched off a twitter skirmish between the Corbett campaign and Pennsylvania's most prominent pollster.

Shortly after the Franklin & Marshall College poll was released last week, Corbett campaign manager Mike Barley took to Twitter with his feelings railing against the "junk" poll and suggesting Wolf's wife may have had something to do with the negative results.

Barley said he took issue with Madonna's"turnout model" which he said presumed a high Democratic turnout in a non-presidential year.

"It presumes every voter will vote which we know won't happen no one is predicting a Democratic tsunami,," said Barley, adding he felt compelled to speak out because the poll is influential. "I don't think it was a fair portrayal."

 Barley said the results will affect GOP spending. "I'm not conceding we're winning this race, but it's closer than he would just say."

But a "junk" poll?

"Yeah it's fair you put yourself in the arena," said Barley of Madonna.

Every public poll, including those done by GOP polling firms, so far has shown Wolf with a double-digit lead over Corbett.

For his part, Madonna brushed off the criticism.

"They do this all the time," he said. "Attack the pollster. It's common practice."

Madonna, who was accused of being a "Democratic hack" by Rick Santorum during the presidential race in 2012, said he tried to respond by urging Twitter followers to read the full poll to explain the context of the results.

"Shows you when the campaign is losing they try to discredit poll," he said. " I just moved on." 

Madonna wondered why Barley dragged Frances Wolf, Tom Wolf's wife, into the debate.

"Why did he bring up the Mrs. Wolf ? What do I have to with the F&M board?" said Madonna." I never had a conversation with her expect to say 'hi' once. What has this got to do with anything?"






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