Rendell to talk Vick and cheesesteaks with Dr. Phil

While legislative leaders are hunkered down in Harrisburg trying to reach agreement on the state's long overdue budget, Rendell is making the fundraiser and talk show rounds in Philadelphia.

Today he appeared with President Obama at a pricey ($10k a plate) fundraiser for Sen Specter.

Tomorrow morning Rendell is scheduled to appear on a taped broadcast of  Dr. Phil McGraw's show at Independence National Historical Park. 

Two controversial subjects are on the agenda: the signing of Michael Vick and the Great South Philly Cheesesteak wars.

Joining Rendell are folks on both sides of the Vick issue: NAACP chief J. Whyatt Mondesire, Tom Hickey, Sr., founder of DogPac, an animal-rights group; Doris Lin, attorney and member of Animal Protection League; NOW 97.5's Joey Fortman; and Warren Eckstein of the syndicated radio program "The Pet Show."

Guest Tom Hickey, who also serves on Rendell's Dog Law Advisory Board, hopes to use the occasion to highlight the innocent victims of dog fighting - the pit bulls who if they are not killed in the ring, often end up in shelters as evidence in criminal cases and are euthanized when they are deemed too traumatized to be adopted.

Hickey said he wants to build  - with the Eagles help - a sanctuary for dogs seized in fighting cases, as well as those rescued from the state's puppy mills. He said such a facility would allow adoptable dogs to be cared for and rehabilitated and provide permanent sanctuary for those who can't.

Meanwhile on the cheesesteak front, The Daily News reports Joey Vento, of Geno's, and Frank Olivieri, Jr. are expected to taste each other's steaks on the show as part of Dr. Phil's mediation effort. McGraw did taste tests from each of the South Philly shops last weekend.

Rendell -  the state's force behind its new dog law governing commercial kennels, the Number 1 sports fan and cheesesteak lover-in-chief - will no doubt have plenty to say on both subjects.




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