Rendell to sign first bill of session

At a time when many part-time state legislatures around the country have debated and taken action on hundreds of bills, wrapped up their 2009 sessions and adjourned, Gov. Rendell has yet to sign a single bill into law.

That will change in the coming days when Rendell will etch his John Hancock on SB 189, a largely noncontroversial bill to allow adult children up to age 30 to be covered under their parents' health insurance plan. The bill got final approval in the House yesterday.

Rendell's spokesman, Chuck Ardo, said there may be a signing ceremony, not because of the bill'scontent (which, Ardo adds, the governor believes is very important step toward addressing the health insurance crisis) but because it's the first bill to make it through both chambers. One might say these days such a feat of political hazard navigation is worthy of Indiana Jones.

""We'll have to check the governor's bill signing pen to be sure the ink hasn't dried up since he last had an opportunity to use it,"  said Ardo. "We are seldom surprised but often frustrated by the pace of legislation."


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