Friday, August 29, 2014
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Rendell to out tax scofflaws on Internet

37,500 taxpayers have paid $101 million under the program - better than the Ridge amnesty that collected $93 million, but still short of Rendell's $190 million goal.

Rendell to out tax scofflaws on Internet

Gov. Rendell has a message for tax scofflaws: Pay up or get posted.

Online that is.

Come June 18 - the end of the Commonwealth's tax amnesty program - Rendell says the state will post the names of individual tax evaders.

Until now, the state only posted the names of businesses which owed taxes. At an appearance to promote the tax amnesty program today in Pittsburgh, Rendell says the state also will increase the number of people who will get hit with deductions in the wages.

The state is also going after corporate officers of companies that owe the state. The officers will now face tax liens if their companies don't settle their bills.

So far 37,500 people have paid $101 million under the program, about $90 million of Rendell's goal. The last tax amnesty program, held under Gov. Ridge, brought in $93 million.




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