Rendell still seeking TV show, takes paying gig at Brookings Institution


It's only been three days since former Gov. Rendell passed off the reins of state government, but he's been busy doing what he says he hasn't done for over 30 years: trying to make money.

And he's added a new job to the list of things that he'll be doing to earn his paycheck now: he signed a contract to be a visiting fellow with the Washington D.C.-based Brookings Institution, which conducts research and education in economics, governance, foreign policy and the global economy, among other areas.

In a telephone interview earlier today, Rendell said he'll be working there two days a month, primarily doing seminars and op-ed pieces.

He said the gig "will not be a major part of my overall compensation." That piece, Rendell hopes, will come from landing a permanent spot as a political talk show host/commentator either or network or cable television.

The former governor had nothing new to report on that end, except to say the competition for him is fierce.

"You would think I was Brad Pitt," he joked. "And it's astounding to me because I've been giving it away for so long."

Rendell said he misses his old job, and even the city of Harrisburg, which he grew to like over the last 8 years.

"I miss the people I worked with," he said, quickly clarifying: "But I don't miss you guys in the press."


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