Rendell makes Esquire's 'Best People List'

His approval ratings may be tanking in Pennsylvania, but Gov. Rendell is top-of-the-charts in the eyes of Esquire.

The magazine included Rendell in its "World's 75 Best People" list this year. He joins actors Matt Damon, Robert Duvall, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet and cartoon character Lisa Simpson.

Here's how Esquire described its criteria:

There are many more do-gooders, but these particular men and women — because of their talent, achievements, virtue, and two other essential qualifications (having to do with puppies and drinking) — make us happy.

The puppies and drinking questions were: "Would we like to have a drink with this person?" and "Would we trust this person with our puppy?"

[Clearly Rendell, who moonlights as a sports commentator and has championed the cause of dog welfare, was an easy choice on both counts.]

About Rendell in particular, Esquire wrote: "Because he proves that not every macher (that's Yiddish for big shot) need be a pig or pr---."

Through his spokesman Gary Tuma, Rendell said: “I always thought Esquire magazine had terrific judgment."

There are no other governors on the list but former Arizona governor, now Homeland Secretary Secretary Janet Napolitano made the cut. Rendell, a pal of Napolitano, made waves when he joked last year about Napolitano being a perfect candidate for the Homeland Security job because she has "no life."

For her part, Napolitano in a recent New York Times magazine interview shot back: "Takes one to know one."

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