NFL's game decision raises Rendell's ire

There are certain things that stick in Gov. Rendell's craw: the Senate Republicans, Jack Wagner and his audits, media critics.

Now add to that the NFL honchos who made the call to call off the Eagle-Vikings game last night because of snow. 

In a live interview Sunday night Rendell went off over the NFL's decision to postpone the game.

"I think it's a joke," said Rendell on Fox 29 in Philadelphia, arguing that football players are like the U.S. Postal Service: they play through any kind of weather. "Vince Lombardi would be spinning in his grave."

At one point Rendell was arguing with Fox's chief meteorologist John Bolaris about snow fall amounts and what constituted a blizzard.

Rendell said that only 5 inches of snow had fallen at the delayed kick off time Sunday night at 8:20.

When Bolaris told Rendell that measurement was taken at 7 p.m., Rendell argued the point, saying with only several inches on the ground around Philadadelphia, there was no reason to postpone the game.

"In actuality there are more than 7 inches of snow on the ground. That report was from 7 p.m. Governor," Bolaris said.

"No, that was at 8:30 according to FEMA," Rendell fired back. "This is no way, shape or form a blizzard!"

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced on Twitter and in broadcast interviews that he agreed with the NFL's decision. Let the dig out begin. Game on for Tuesday.  

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