Rendell future: Lawyering? Check. TV pundit? Still talking

The former governor is still keeping the news wires buzzing. This a.m. Ed Rendell's old law firm, Ballard Spahr announcing he will be rejoining them handle key areas that defined his tenure in Harrisburg, among them, infrastructure, education, energy and the environment. [Ballard was also the recipient of lucrative, and sometimes controversial, government contracts during that time.] Those money woes the governor had been complaining about, apparently now solved.

Meanwhile, POLITICO reporting that Rendell is close to a deal with MSNBC. Coming as it does on the heels of Keith Olbermann's abrupt departure, the news has some wags wondering, Will Rendell be the next prime time talker at the "liberal" cable channel?

In other news, Rendell told POLITICO that Sen. Bob Casey has a lock on re-election in 2012 and that there was no Republican in the Keystone state - not even newly-elected Gov. Tom Corbett - who could defeat him.

“I think if anybody in politics can be considered unassailable it's Bob Casey. I think he’s the one politician in Pennsylvania who appeals to all parts of the political spectrum. He is conservative on many issues, progressive on many issues. Geographically the one area he was weak was in Philadelphia, but he’s done great work there and been a strong advocate," he said.

"Tom Corbett couldn't run against Bob Casey and give him a battle," Rendell added. "Had he chosen to run for governor this year, he would've blown away the field."

Republicans pointed out to POLITICO that Rendell has been wrong in his predictions before.

"When you consider that Gov. Rendell predicted victory for Joe Sestak the day before the November election, and victory for Arlen Specter the day before the May primary, I certainly hope Senator Casey isn't banking on the governor's predictions," said National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh.



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