Rendell blasts Idaho gov on health care suit

Gov. Rendell jumped into the fray of the national health care debate today on Fox News, lambasting the Idaho governor for threatening to sue over the health care bill.

"..this is a total waste of time and a waste of the taxpayers of Idaho’s money," said Rendell on the show "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

Idaho's Republican governor C.L. "Butch" Otter said the bill is an infringement on states rights. Nineteen Republican attorneys general, including Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett, said they are considering suing too.

Otter also said Congress, in dishing out perks to certain states to win key votes, would be violating the Constitutional requirement that says legislation has to be uniform across the United States.

"And what they’re asking me to do is tax a person in Idaho to pay for a gimme, a vote purchase in Nebraska, in Louisiana, in Florida, in other states, and with the unions," he said.

Rendell countered that the federal government has the right to act and the suit has "absolutely no chance of success, and it will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe millions of dollars, to prosecute."

Bottom line, says Rendell, the bill will help Pennsylvania. 

"I have done a 10-year analysis, this decade, what’s in the Senate health care bill, because we assume that’s going to be the basic bill. And there are so many things that help us in reducing costs, like our ability to purchase pharmaceuticals in bulk, the Medicare Part D clawback, the increased money that we’re getting for our CHIP programs."

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