Rendell or Powell? Each says the other best for White House chief of staff

"You're the best choice."

"No you're the best."

That's how the TV conversation is going between Gov. Rendell and former Sec. of State Colin Powell over who would be the right person to replace Rahm Emmanuel as the new White House chief of staff.

Powell, speaking on CNN's Larry King Live last night, said he had "no interest" in returning to government service.

He was responding to a suggestion Rendell made in one of his many broadcast interviews that Powell would be right candidate.

"He's been running around throwing my name around," Powell said. "This is the first chance I've had to suggest that Ed Rendell is an accomplished politician, accomplished governor, mayor of a great city. I think he'd be a terrific chief of staff."

Pete Rouse has been serving as interim White House chief of staff since Emanuel left the post October 1 to run for mayor of Chicago.

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