Rendell Disses Recovery Logo

We can apparently credit Gov. Rendell with dreaming up the concept for a federal stimulus logo to stamp on the thousands of projects launched under the $787 billion package. But today he gave the final design two thumbs' down.

Rendell told reporters at a luncheon today in Washington that he was glad the Obama administration took him up on his idea (which he said was really recycled from FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps), but that he didn't think it was "a particularly attractive logo," adding, "but nobody ever called me an art critic."

And, of course, never shy about offering reporters advice, Rendell, as reported by U.S. News and World Report, went on to urge the media not to dwell on the negative about the stimulus:

"Try and refrain too much from [writing] the stories about the one program here that screwed it up or the one bridge that was built hastily and couldn't sustain the weight limit," he offered. "Try and focus on whether in fact the stimulus meets its goal."






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