Rendell compares GOP presidential candidates to a 'clown car'

One day after causing a mini-dust up in the Pennsylvania state Capitol, former Gov. Ed Rendell took on the national GOP candidates likening them to clowns in a "clown car" at the circus. 

Politico reports Rendell "gleefully taunted the GOP as a "clown show" with frontrunners Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney making "one mistake after another."

It’s “where the clowns arrive in the car and they keep getting out of the car and then there’s one clown after another,” Rendell told reporters at a Democratic retreat on Maryland's Eastern Shore. “We’ve seen clowns run for president totally unqualified who have no idea what’s going on in the world, who have no idea about how the government works, no idea about foreign affairs, have one bizarre idea after another.”

Rendell was attending the event to rally Democrats for the 2012 races telling lawmakers - as he has repeatedly in the past - not to shy away from their accomplishments "regardless of where the winds are, stay and defend what you've done because you can't run away from them."

On Wednesday Rendell touched a nerve  in his old stomping grounds when returned to Harrisburg to  take on his successor, asking Gov. Corbett to scrap his plan to conduct asset tests on food stamp recipients.

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