Rendell: 'It's going to be Hillary in 2016'

Three years later and Rendell is still stumping for Hillary Clinton.

As the 2012 race heats up the former Pennsylvania governor is looking over the horizon to 2016, telling the New York Post: "It's going to be Hillary in 2016."

Today Rendell told Politico that the idea of becoming the first woman president will drive her to run again.

“I think, and this is just my thinking, that if she leaves after the president’s first term is over and she leaves and she teaches, does something like that, and rests, I think the possibility of being president and being the first woman president in history would probably be too much for her to resist,” Rendell told Politico.

But Clinton herself has shown no hint of a future run. She has reportedly told those around her that Secretary of State will be the finale of her public life.

As one of the self-described "Last of the Mohicans" - otherwise known as Clinton supporters till end of her 2008 campaign - Rendell did not endear himself with the Obama administration.

And now President Obama could really use him.

Obama's poll numbers at record lows (39 percent according to the latest Gallup survey) and he is facing a fierce frontal assault by Republicans. 

But Rendell said his cheerleading for Clinton is no reflection on his feelings about the Obama presidency.

“It’s not a question of being dissatisfied with Obama, it’s just that there’s going to be a race in 2016,” Rendell said. “We believed she deserved to be president in ‘08, but it’s our belief and not hers. We’re constantly cajoling her.”

In the same Post interview, Rendell tossed a diss at Andrew Cuomo as a potential 2016 candidate, saying he should "look elsewhere."





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