Poll: Corbett leads Onorato by 10 points

A new poll in the Pennsylvania governor's race shows Republican Tom Corbett with a double-digit lead over Democratic opponent Dan Onorato.

The Rasmussen Reports poll, released Friday, shows Corbett with a 49 to 39 percent lead over Onorato among 750 likely voters.

The survey, conducted July 14, shows Corbett's lead remains unchanged from June, indicating no ill effect from his remarks five days earlier when he said that jobs exist, but the unemployed don't want to work.

Meanwhile, The Hill newspaper in Washington D.C. includes the Corbett remarks in a round-up of Republican gubernatorial candidates who have made controversial comments about the unemployed of late. 

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) said the unemployed are “spoiled,” while Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul suggested people on unemployment insurance need “tough love.” Republicans say they want to emphasize profligate federal spending, while Democrats are seizing on the slights to the jobless to score campaign points, the paper reports.

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