Pa's 'most wanted' tax scofflaw list now online

Ok, tax scofflaws, you had your chance to pay up under the amnesty program, now the Commonwealth is outing you.

For the first time, the state is posting a complete list of businesses and individuals that owe a total of $233 million in taxes. The site went live this morning with 39,000 offenders listed.

Topping the list is Naperville-Il.-based Unitel with $4.1 million in sales and employee taxes owed, followed by Lees Industries of Philadelphia with $3.1 million.

The biggest individual debtor listed is Thomas J. Mylotte of Malvern, who owes $1.7 million in back taxes.

Other notable Philly listings include J. Crew, with a bill for $1.2 million, Bookinders Restaurant which owes $113,000 in sales/employee taxes and Tenet Health Systems/St. Christopher's Hospital which owes $573,000 in sales/employee taxes.

The list includes those that owe personal income, sales/employer, corporate, inheritance, real estate transfer and others.

State officials say they hope by shaming the scofflaws they will pay up as has been the case in other states.

"We hope by putting pressure on those who owe taxes, it will encourage people to come forward," said Stephanie Weyant, spokeswoman for the Revenue Department

The Pennsylvania tax delinquent list first debuted in April 2006. The expanded tax delinquent list includes more than 10 times the number of tax delinquents offered in previous versions. The list previously detailed only employer withholding and sales tax liabilities, but the new list includes information about all state tax liens filed since July 2009. The revised list will be updated monthly, rather than quarterly, to include newly filed liens and remove satisfied liens.

Anyone appearing on the list should call the Revenue Department at 717-783-3000 to make payment arrangements.

The complete tax delinquent list is available at, under the “Hot Topics” tab on the home page.


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