PA Turnpike kicks off Superbowl tollroad showdown

 All signs point to an all-Pennsylvania Superbowl next month - well, at least the electronic signs on the Pennsylvania Turnpike do.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission began posting Eagles and Steelers booster signs this week in advance of this weekend's playoff games. No one is more thrilled than Turnpike officials who are rooting for a first-ever cross-state "Turnpike Bowl" this season.

"There's a lot of buzz out there about the chance of an all-Pennsylvania game, and we have many motorists and employees who are devoted fans of these teams," the turnpike's CEO Joe Brimmeier said. "So we felt it was important to commemorate this accomplishment."

Eagles get the top billing in the East while out West motorists will see Steelers signs first. Exactly where along the Turnpike's 296 miles between Philly and Pittsburgh, officials determined Eagles territory ends and Steeler country begins was unclear at this hour.

Turnpike officials are assuring motorists driving the weather-challenged route not to worry, if there's an accident or storm on the highway the sports fan signs will be dropped for the latest news bulletins.


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