PA House speaker says he will not run in 2010

In a surprise announcement, House Speaker Keith McCall (D., Carbon) said today he will not run for another term as state representative.

McCall - who was elected speaker in 2009 after 27 years in the House -  cited family obligations. 

“This decision is about my family. I first came to Harrisburg as a single 22-year-old man following in my father’s footsteps," said McCall in a press release. "Now I have a wonderful wife and two amazing children – all of whom I owe not only my thanks, but also a lot of missed dinners, football and baseball games, volleyball games and help with homework."

McCall, saying he was proud of his record, vowed to spend his final year fighting for reform in the General Assembly.

“When I was given the honor of serving as House Speaker by the 203 members of the House I had one goal that stood apart from all others – to do everything in my power to help restore the public’s trust in the finest institution of government anywhere in the world. That work is far from finished," said McCall. 

The House - primarily the Democratic caucus - has been rocked by scandal since Attorney General Tom Corbett issued the first round of indictments in what would come to be known as "Bonusgate." Of the 25 individuals charged 15 were connected to the House Democrats, including past or present lawmakers, among them McCall's predecessor, former House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese.

McCall was first elected to the House in 1982 to fill the vacancy left by the death of his father, the late Thomas J. McCall. He is the first Speaker from Carbon County in the history of the General Assembly. In his career McCall has served as chairman of the House Consumer Affairs Committee and the House Transportation Committee, as well as the House Majority Whip.





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