PA testing shows normal levels of radioactivity

Gov. Corbett said today that tests conducted over the weekend show normal levels of radioactivity in public drinking water.

"The bottom line is the drinking water is safe," said Corbett at a news conference.

Corbett said very low concentrations of Iodine-131 - likely from damanged nuclear plants in Japan - were found in rainwater samples on Friday.

The tests were performed after tests at the state’s nuclear power plants, including Three Mile Island and Limerick - registered very low concentrations of radiation.

Testing over the weekend was performed in six regions of Pennsylvania, including Norristown in the southeast. Corbett said there is no public health risk and that state agencies will continue to monitor the situation.

He said those residents whose drinking water comes from wells or springs are unaffected and that pets and livestock are not at risk,

He advised the public that taking potassium iodide pills was "unnecessary under the circumstances" and even harmful side effects. 

Rainwater tests showed trace amounts of radiiation at in a number of western states and as far east as Massachusetts.


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