PA lawmakers not the brightest, or dimmest bulbs around

Your Pennsylvania lawmakers: smarter than Delaware, dumber than New York.

 That's according to a new Chronicle of Higher Education report that found three-quarters of Pennsylvania's 253 lawmakers hold at least a bachelor's degree and most of them went to in-state schools.

The number almost the statistical average, according to Project Vote Smart data compiled on 7,000 lawmakers nationwide.

Even so, the state lags behind California, Virginia, Nebraska, New York and Texas legislatures, which have the highest percentage of college-educated members.

Rounding out the bottom are Arkansas, New Mexico, Delaware, Maine and New Hampshire.

Nevertheless, having a BA or more doesn't guarantee legislative achievement (or predict the likelihood of getting into trouble, paging ex-Sen. Vincent J. Fumo JD, now federal prison #62033-066).

The Patriot-News of Harrisburg reports the Chronicle's research also shows:

•The percentage of Pennsylvania's lawmakers with college degrees (76 percent) far surpasses the percentage of the state's residents with that credential (26 percent).

•143 of the state's lawmakers attended public universities; 141 attended private schools and 20 attended schools described as "other."

•Sixty-five percent of the state's lawmakers attended in-state colleges, 14 percent went out of state and 18 percent attended both in-state and out-of-state schools.

•More state lawmakers held degrees from Penn State (28) than any other school, followed by Pitt (18).


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