Onorato again on the assault

Continuing an almost daily onslaught against his opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato accused Republican Tom Corbett Wednesday of portraying himself as a fiscal conservative while, in truth, being something of a spendthrift.

The Corbett campaign responded that Onorato was trying to deflect attention from his record of having raised spending as the Allegheny County executive in Pittsburgh.

Onorato, who has been attacked by Corbett for enacting an unpopular drink tax in Allegheny County bars and restaurants, said in a Philadelphia City Hall news conference that Corbett was in no position to talk about fiscal responsibility because, as a Shaler Township commissioner in the 1980s, he had once voted to raise the real estate taxes by 20 percent.

He also noted that, as state attorney general, Corbett has asked for a budget increase each year from the legislature.

He said that when he was in a similar position as a row officer - as Allegheny County controller - he never asked for or received a budget hike for his office.

“His actions don't match his rhetoric,” Onorato said of Corbett. "That is the problem here.”

Kevin Harley, spokesman for Corbett, cited a recent report in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Onorato had increased Allegheny County spending by 18 percent in his seven years as the county executive.

“Dan Onorato raises hypocrisy to a new level,” Harley said.