PA's 'No. 1 conservative' lawmaker enters LG race

Things just got spicier in the primary campaign for the number two office in state politics.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of Butler County, who proudly wears his label as the state's "No. 1 conservative lawmaker," has thrown his hat in the crowded Republican primary race for lieutenant governor.

Never one to shy away from a little hyperbole, Metcalfe said his "unprecedented platform" will "redefine" the office.

He's running as a "governor watchdog."

"The office of Lt. governor has been at best a silent partner to the governor and at worst and all-too-willing accomplice as the executive breanch has trampled the rights of the individual citize to pursue its own power-grabbing agendas," said Metcalfe at a news conference in the Capitol announcing his bid.

Metcalfe - who is best known around the Capitol for organizing pro-gun rallies and railing against illegal alien invaders and gay marriage - said if the governor doesn't tow the line he will challenge him in the next primary. 

Metcalfe has a Plan B if he doesn't prevail against eight competitors in the LG's race. He's also running for re-election to the state House where he's held seat in the western PA district since 1998.


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