Morrill set to defy Cuba travel ban

Pennsylvania activist Michael Morrill is heading into decidedly unfriendly skies tomorrow.

The former Green Party candidate for governor says he will fly to Cuba in defiance of the U.S. travel ban.

Morrill said he wants the Obama Administration to lift the "anachronistic" ban on travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens. “I challenge the Obama Administration to either arrest me, or to live up to its promise to end this failed policy of limiting contact between Cuba and the United States,” he said in a press release. “Prohibiting travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens is not only morally wrong, it is politically and economically counter-productive."


Morrill is supporting the passage of “The Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act (HR 874, S 428)," which would repeal all travel restrictions against the rights of all Americans to travel to Cuba.

Morrill, who leaves from Harrisburg tomorrow morning and will fly through Cancun, Mexico, says he will blog about his trip at

Travel without a “license” issued by the Treasury Department could mean penalties of up to ten years in a federal penitentiary and a fine of up to $250,000, Morrill says.



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