Mansion Fever? Holed up Gov. Rendell wondering if his dogs are talking back


The governor’s mansion is a lonely place these days and it’s starting to mess with Gov. Rendell’s mind.

At a news conference this morning, Rendell said that as a result of the budget impasse – the fiscal plan is now seven weeks overdue – he has spent almost every day in Harrisburg waiting for the legislature to reach at compromise spending plan.

Typically, he would divide his time between the Georgian manse along the Susquehanna River and his East Falls home.

The fact that First Lady Marjorie Rendell on Friday left on an African safari without him is only compounding the loneliness factor. The governor skipped the trip because of the budget standoff.

So, these days, besides his state police security and mansion staff, it’s just Rendell and his two golden retrievers, Ginger and Maggie.

Quipped Rendell, “It’s pretty lonely over there. It’s getting so lonely that I am beginning to think that my dogs are actually talking back to me.”


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