The latest on liquor

The revised Senate plan to privatize the sale of wine and liquor is out, but Republicans who control the chamber still do not appear to have the votes to pass it.

Here are the highlights of the proposed Senate GOP amendment:

-State Stores would remain open until they are outnumbered, 2-to-1, by private businesses selling and wine and hard liquor.

-Beer distributors would be allowed to sell six-packs; and businesses with restaurant licenses would be able to sell up to three six-packs, or one 12-pack and a six-pack.

-Businesses with a restaurant license would also be able to sell wine, but the sale of hard liquor would be limited to beer distributors and State Stores.

-Obtaining a restaurant license would be easier, paving the way for more grocery stores to sell beer.

-The plan would remove the gas prohibition, allowing for convenience stores with gas stations to sell beer.

-The state would continue to run the wholesale side for two years; after that, it could move to lease those operations if studies show there would be no negative fiscal impact.

The Senate was scheduled to begin floor debate on the revised version Thursday afternoon, but its members are once again postponing it until Friday because they have not reached the 26-vote threshold to approve it. The chamber's 23 Democrats all oppose it, which means 26 of the 27 Republicans would need to vote for it.

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