Kane bails on radio show citing schedule


Like other regular listeners of the popular Harrisburg public radio program Radio Smart Talk, we were looking forward to hearing a lively hour of discussion with Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

After all Kane is at the center of the most controversial issues in Pennsylvania right now: assisted suicide, gay marriage, lottery privatization, Sandusky.

When we heard yesterday morning that she'd pulled out we decided to try to find out why she'd pass up such a high profile platform.

After all, Kane had famously canceled a Pennsylvania Press Club speech last summer - the first ever featured speaker to bail - and during her election year no less. (She did make good on her promise to make it up by speaking at the press club lunch in June complete with comic opener in June.)

Smart Talk host Scott LaMar told us that the Kane camp had given no reason when they notified him late Monday she would not be available.He said he had anticipated an action-packed hour in what may have been Kane's first call-in appearance (her folks remind us she did participate on a panel on gay marriage last month on WHYY Radio Times, but there was no time for questions).

After enduring the "how exactly-is-this-a-story" treatment fromt the Kane press office, I learned there was a scheduling conflict, but details were not provided.

"Certain scheduling matters of which I cannot speak have overtaken her ability to do show, but we are awaiting dates from the host and look forward to rescheduling," said Kane's spokesman Joe Peters.

Instead faithful listereners of Radio Smart Talk heard an hour-long show on student exchange programs where we learned that the Brits like to say "cheers" and the French greet each other with the triple cheek kiss.

C'est la vie.


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