Hundreds of boxes of records from Rendell years as governor now open to public


For students of all things Ed Rendell, today is your lucky day.

The former governor is allowing hundreds of boxes of records from his eight years in the Capitol to be opened for public view, starting now.

Normally, governors keep many of those records sealed for years after they leave office, but Rendell wanted to break with that tradition and make them public as quickly as possible. (Certain records that contain proprietary or legal information about people or businesses are sealed for 10 years).

Through an agreement with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, the Philadelphia Democrat is opening about 300 boxes of files for public review, including constituent correspondence, speeches, appointments and schedules.

Those interested in perusing the documents can go to the Pennsylvania State Archives building in Harrisburg, just across the street from the Capitol.

Former First Lady, Judge Marjorie O. Rendell, is also opening her files for review.

Former Gov. Ridge's documents will be kept under lock and key until 2021. Former Gov. Mark Schweiker's will be shelved until 2023.

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