House to move Shale tax bill today

A Marcellus Shale gas drilling site near Latrobe, Pa. The state House plans to act on a proposal to tax natural gas drillers but Gov. Tom Corbett has vowed to veto any bill that does it. (Laurence Kesterson / Staff Photographer, file photo)

Amid the budget chaos, will the log jam on a gas tax/impact fee be broken?

State House officials say a proposal to tax natural gas extraction will be considered today.

Republican spokesman Steve Miskin said Tuesday the debate was expected this afternoon on several proposals filed as amendments to a hazardous materials bill that’s already passed the state Senate.

Among the amendments is one offered by Rep. Dave Reed that would impose an impact fee of $50,000 in the first year. That number would be reduced in subsequent years. In years two through four, the fee would be $25,000 and in years five through ten it would be $10,000.

The fees would be distributed to municipalities within the Marcellus Shale region to cover additional costs associated with drilling.

House Whip Stan Saylor (R.,York) tells the Associated Press that Gov. Corbett has recently warned legislative leaders that he will veto any extraction tax or fee before a panel reports to him with recommendations next month.


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