H1N1: The music video released

Call it H1TV?

It may not exactly be "Thriller," but the kids of Beaver County's Lincoln Performing Arts Charter School do a pretty good job rockin' the house to stop the spread of the H1N1 virus in Pennsylvania.

"These Five Things,” is a new music video released today by the state Department of Health.

Agency officials hope that kids teaching kids about disease prevention through  music will help get an important message across.

“This video is groundbreaking because it educates children on the simple ways to prevent H1N1 flu in a manner that is fresh, fun and engaging,” said Health Secretary Everette James. “Because children are extremely vulnerable to the H1N1 flu virus, it is important that schools, youth organizations and parents use interactive and appealing educational tools—such as this new video—to reach kids.”

For more information on H1N1, including advice on whether to get the vaccine and where it is available in Pennsylvania click here.

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