Group plans football flyover to protest Corbett Medicaid plan

The "Corbett Cowboys Card," front and back.

A liberal political group is taking the state's Medicaid battle to Lincoln Field.

Keystone Progress has hired a plane to fly over Lincoln Field ahead of today's Eagles-Cowboys game with a message for Gov. Corbett. 

The flying banner will read "Gov. Corbett loves Cowboys - hates PA families."

“The banner is a fun way to draw attention to Corbett’s Medicaid scheme,” said Keystone Progress Executive Director Michael Morrill. “We’re not sure if Corbett really loves the Cowboys, but we know that Corbett’s Medicaid plan is really back-door privatization and is another giveaway to corporations."

The group also will hand out mock Tom Corbett football cards - which say Corbett is quarterback of the "Keystone Privateers" - outside the stadium.(Keystone Progress plans a similar fly over and card hand out at Heinz Field ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers game.)

Corbett last month announced he would take the federal dollars to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, but wants to use private insurers to cover roughly 500,000 uninsured Pennsylvanians.

The federal program launches in January and will be covered 100 percent by the federal government for the first three years but it is unclear when the state plan might start because it needs federal approval.

Morrill says the Corbett proposal is wrong because it channels people into for-profit insurance plans, penalizes working families by requiring them to pay premiums to enroll and will institute a work search requirement.

Arkansas recently received a federal waiver to implement a private Medicaid plan. Corbett also is seeking a waiver but has not yet presented a formal plan. Medicaid advocates say there is no precedent for a work-search requirement and it is unlikely to be approved.


















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