Greenleaf runs as 'anti-candidate' in NH primary

He’s probably the only Republican presidential candidate who won’t be asking New Hampshire residents for their vote on Tuesday.

In fact, Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R.,Bucks) - who ponied up $1,000 to enter the race two months ago - just wants them to support his ideas to revive the nation’s economy.

Greenleaf, 72, has been stumping across the Granite State this past week, hitting Cub Scout meetings, diners and shops, to spread his plan to restore fiscal stability and encourage job growth.

He dropped $30,000 - most of it out of his own pocket - on ad buys to tell voters America should eliminate national debt by collateralizing the dollar, pass a Constitutional Amendment for a balanced budget, impose new tariffs on competing foreign products and toughen intellectual property laws.

For more see Greenleaf's website.

Greenleaf says he jumped into the race last fall because he was concerned the nation was not rebounding from the recession but has been mulling over his ideas for a year or so.

“I kept seeing people losing their jobs, losing their homes,” he said. “It wasn’t going away.”

Greenleaf says he’s even been recognized on the campaign trail by several of his former Bucks County constituents who now live in New Hampshire. 

But he will be back on the floor of the Pennsylvania Senate on Tuesday. How’s that for a “how-I-spent-my Christmas-holiday story?”


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