Gov. Rendell to testify about how hard former Sen. Fumo and his staff worked

Gov. Rendell said today that he believes he is being called as a character witness in the federal corruption trial of former State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo to testify about the work ethic of the longtime legislator and his staff.

“They worked their hearts out here. They work a minimum of 10-hour days and at budget time 20-hour days,” Rendell told reporters during an unrelated Capitol press conference.

The governor said he is very familiar with aides who worked for Fumo in Harrisburg before he left office in the fall to focus on his defense against 139 federal corruption counts.

“The senator himself, although out of the state a lot, he is always on the phone talking about different issues,” the governor added. “I get harassing phone calls from the senator all the time when he is outside of the state. So, when he is outside f the state, he is still thinking about problems.”

The prosecution rested its case against Fumo last week. Earlier this week, Rendell was subpoenaed to testify as a Fumo character witness Monday morning.

“I will take the oath and will answer truthfully,” Rendell added today. “I won’t try to tailor my answers to help the senator, and I certainly won’t try and tailor my answers to hurt the senator.”


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