Gov. Rendell thinks a severed bobble-head is funny - no REALLY....


There is a priceless story in today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about Gov. Rendell's dark sense of humor - if you can call it that. 

The Trib reports that Rendell took the head from a Rep. Tim Solobay "bobblehead" doll and sent it to the Washington County lawmaker on the House floor last week.

Why, you ask?

Because the Democratic lawmaker apparently wouldn't vote for Rendell's proposed tax on natural gas extraction.

"Yeah, it was fun," Rendell told the paper. "I always like to inject humor into these situations."

Solobay, too, grasped for some levity: "The governor was attempting to play the 'Godfather.' They didn't have a fish head to send over wrapped in newspaper so they sent (the head of) a bobble-doll." 

Okay, then.

We will not be having what they're having.

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