Gov. Rendell behind the wheel?

 Attention all drivers within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia - you may want to watch your rear-view mirror come January 18 of next year.

That's when Gov. Rendell leaves office in Harrisburg, and becomes, once again, just an ordinary city resident who has to do his own grocery shopping, mow his own lawn and drive his own car.

Well, maybe just drive his own car (and that would be an automatic, he has "never driven a stick in my life.").

At a press conference today to announce some "good news" about Pennsylvania's unemployment (is that an oxymoron, or what?), Rendell confessed he hasn't really driven his own car in 30 years. There's been the occasional joy ride or two when he was down the Shore, but nothing over a mile. And always in daylight.

When he leaves the governor's office, Rendell said he is entitled to a state police detail for six months, but after that, he's on his own.

"I'll practice," the governor joked, adding: "I wasn't, to be honest, a great driver before when I drove, so it could be a real problem.”

Of course, more astute readers may (and possibly rightfully) point out that our streets may be safer with the governor himself behind the wheel. Because it's one thing to tell your state police driver, "Let's fly," down the Pennsylvania Turnpike at breakneck speeds - quite another to do it yourself.

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