Evans v. Corbett trade barbs over health care suit

The standoff between Democratic House Appropriations chairman and the Republican Attorney General continues.

Rep Dwight Evans of Philadelphia last week asked Attorney General Tom Corbett to put a price tag on the federal lawsuit he joined with 12 other attorneys general against the health care act.


Evans, in a press release, said the suit comes just a month after Corbett threatened to cut staff if he didn't get more state funding in the upcoming budget.

“It’s no secret I believe this lawsuit is folly. But even if I had a different opinion, the Attorney General still would have to explain himself so we would have the best data available for the budget,” Evans said. “Just eight weeks ago, he argued strongly for more funds for his department. He went to great lengths to paint a gloom-and-doom picture for the members of the House on both sides of the aisle. The public has a right to know what this lawsuit will cost in terms of money and manpower.”

In a one-paragraph letter to Evans yesterday, Corbett repeated a statement he made publicly, saying there would be no cost because the existing resources of the office would "suffice."

"I have not, nor will I, request additional resources to litigate this matter," said Corbett.

And, Corbett added, he appreciated Evans' "interest in the financial needs of the Attorney General's office."


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