Ed Rendell is a politician, and always will be...


So said Gov. Corbett this morning when asked about the possibility of The Inquirer, Daily News and Philly.com being bought by a group of politically-connected heavy-hitters assembled by Rendell.

"He will always be a politician," Corbett said on his monthly appearance on the Dom Giordano show.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I look to newspapers to be objective," the Republican governor added. "It hasn’t been working real well. And there are newspapers from every different stripe, I understand that, but I get very tired of seeing opinion written on the front page instead of the editorial page. And we see a lot more of that all across the Commonwealth, all across the country. But to actually have a politician buying a paper...."

Rendell declined to comment.

Asked to elaborate later in the day, Corbett would only add: "I think it's a bad idea, but it's a free country."

During the morning radio show, Giordano asked Corbett if it was true that Rendell, who recently traveled to the Capitol to criticize Corbett's proposed changes to food stamps, actually came to the governor's office to deliver information on the topic.

That is sure what his secretary told him, said Corbett, who mostly made light of it.

"I wasn't there," the governor said, but noted that he may have actually invited Rendell into his office if he had been.

That didn't stop Corbett from noting: "I think that was well beyond the pale of what any former governor has ever done, as far as I know, in my lifetime ... He ran things his way, I'm running things my way."

When he was running for governor in 2010, Corbett's campaign received $100,000 from Richard Mellon Scaife, the multi-millionaire owner of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, according to state campaign finance reports. Scaife's Trib Total Media also was a "platinum" donor to Corbett's inaugural ball, meaning he gave between $15,000 and $25,000.

Scaife also separately gave $10,000 to Corbett in 2009.


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