Don't look now, but there's Gov. Corbett again!


Don't look now, but that may just be Gov. Corbett out and about in the Capitol.

After weeks of hiding out, the governor now seems to be everywhere and anywhere at once.

On Tuesday, he stepped out for his first press conference since taking office Jan. 18th.

Today - a session day in Harrisburg - he was spotted in the Capitol cafeteria picking up lunch (he paid for it out of his own pocket, we checked).

And tomorrow, he has (gasp) a public schedule! He is scheduled to tour the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

It's a marked departure from his first three weeks in office (see our story on this very topic in Tuesday's paper), when he was all but invisible.

Since his swearing-in ceremony, Corbett has spent much of his time behind closed doors, with virtually no public schedule and few public pronouncements. Aides have said he's been spending his time poring over budget numbers.

Though he's making the rounds, don't expect him to make news like his predessor, former Gov. Rendell, did. Corbett is a law and order guy and, by all accounts, doesn't crave the heat of television cameras on his face. 

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